With our extensive background in Wurster technology, Coating Place can handle virtually any Wurster fluid bed coating application, including those developed on alternative Wurster equipment. In many cases, products can be manufactured more efficiently and at lower costs when using Coating Place Wurster equipment.

During the product transition, our knowledgeable chemists, engineers and technicians provide assistance and advice, allowing for a smooth transfer from other manufacturing locations and alternative coating equipment. With key parameters of the application identified and one or more test runs completed to optimize parameters, a process validation protocol can be generated to initiate the transfer. The technology transfer is complete upon meeting the acceptance criteria defined in the protocol and summarized in the validation report. Equipped with Wurster fluid bed units capable of batch sizes of up to 800 Kg, Coating Place can match current batch sizes and operating parameters as well as successfully scale-up products for commercial manufacturing. Our on-site GLP analytical laboratory is capable of generating all required analytical data necessary for your product transfer and continued production with assistance from our quality assurance department. From beginning to end, Coating Place can perform the technology transfer necessary for optimization of your product.
Coating Place, Inc.

Our Technology

our-technologyCoating Place has been in the Wurster coating industry since its founding in 1976 with the original Wurster patent and prototype equipment from Dr. Dale Wurster. Our extensive experience allows us to guarantee efficient and effective manufacturing processes, creating optimal and high quality services for our customers.


Oradel® Platform

Our proprietary oral delivery technology is brought to you through our Oradel® Platform. Our customers are offered extensive experience in the areas of modified release technology, multilayer coating and ion resin technology.

  • Oradel®-MC
  • Oradel®-XR
  • Oradel®-DR
  • Oradel®-EC
  • Oradel®-ION

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