Coating Place offers numerous methods of particle engineering for customers. These include high-shear granulation, fluid bed granulation, extrusion and spheronization, and milling. Particle size can be an important factor in many coating applications and Coating Place has the capabilities to ensure that the correct size, shape, and uniformity characteristics are created. These techniques can be employed when an ingredient has poor solubility or poor interaction that can be overcome to create a uniform product of high quality.

Our high-shear granulators can create a wet cake of material that has uniform distribution of ingredients. In general, this wet mass is then used in our extruder to form elongated threads of material, which is then run through a spheronizer to form uniform spheres for further drying and coating in a CPI Wurster fluid bed unit. This process allows otherwise incompatible formulations to be combined to create a core that can be uniformly coated with sustained release profiles.

We use our proprietary CPI Wurster fluid bed coaters to create a granular particle that will be dried upon exit from the single unit. This eliminates the numerous steps needed in the extrusion and spheronization process. In this process, a wet solution is sprayed into the fluid bed coater to agglomerate the primary powder together and create larger granules by suspending the particles inside the chamber through high-velocity air. This material is then dried upon completion of the spraying by adding hot air to the unit. The particles will exit the chamber in spherical shapes due to the movement of the material in the chamber and through particle interaction.

Milling is useful when the particles are highly insoluble in your liquid suspension. In the milling process, the particles in the liquid suspension are broken down to increase their ability to mix into the solution and create a fluidized coating with an even viscosity. This can be done for a drug-loaded suspension that is then spray-coated onto a carrier particle inside a CPI Wurster unit. This then creates a smooth and uniform final product with desired release profiles within the system.

Coating Place has highly trained technicians who can determine the best particle engineering system for your product. Let us make your final product the best that it can be with our advanced Wurster fluid bed coating skills and our array of capabilities available to you.
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our-technologyCoating Place has been in the Wurster coating industry since its founding in 1976 with the original Wurster patent and prototype equipment from Dr. Dale Wurster. Our extensive experience allows us to guarantee efficient and effective manufacturing processes, creating optimal and high quality services for our customers.


Oradel® Platform

Our proprietary oral delivery technology is brought to you through our Oradel® Platform. Our customers are offered extensive experience in the areas of modified release technology, multilayer coating and ion resin technology.

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