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Introducing the new Oradel® technology platform from Coating Place, Inc. The proprietary Oradel® platform is a line of oral delivery coating techniques offered to you by our company. These oral delivery technologies can be used individually or together to meet your custom delivery requirements.

With 40 years of experience in the pharmaceutical contract manufacturing industry, Coating Place is capable of creating the product properties you desire. Our Wurster coating capabilities allow us to add numerous coating layers to a core. These layers could be a simple coating formulation or could contain the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) itself. This multilayer coating gives rise to the ability to combine numerous release profiles into a single product. Our Wurster fluid bed coating units create the highest quality and uniformly distributed coating layers. This creates almost limitless possibilities when using our Oradel® platform.

Our Oradel® Platform includes:

  • Oradel®-MC: Multilayer Coating
  • Oradel®-XR: Extended Release
  • Oradel®-DR: Delayed Release
  • Oradel®-EC: Enteric Coating
  • Oradel®-ION: Ion Resin Technology

Each of these technologies offers a unique formula individually or in combination. Our scientists at Coating Place can help you determine the right combination of techniques to create an efficient and effective manufacturing formulation.

In-vitro API release testing is a measure of how the drug is released from the coated product through the product matrix within the analytical laboratory environment by simulating the conditions experienced in the body. This is an essential test to determine if the drug is releasing as expected. The dissolution of the product is determined and the resulting release curve changes based on the predetermined conditions used to create the coating. Below you will find example release curves for a product using each of the Oradel® techniques individually.

Oradel Platform Graph Update 2 

An immediate release curve such as the one above is observed when a drug is coated in a simple coating that provides no modified release profile. When a simple extended release coating is added to the core using Oradel®-XR, we experience a steady release of the API until the entire drug is dissolved. Our Oradel®-DR allows the release of the drug to be delayed for a period of time, at which point the full drug is released. Oradel®-EC creates a barrier that will not dissolve under acid conditions such as those experienced in the stomach, but when a basic environment is met, the full API will release. In many situations, these techniques are used together.

To learn more about our Oradel® Platform or determine which techniques are right for your future project, please contact us.

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our-technologyCoating Place has been in the Wurster coating industry since its founding in 1976 with the original Wurster patent and prototype equipment from Dr. Dale Wurster. Our extensive experience allows us to guarantee efficient and effective manufacturing processes, creating optimal and high quality services for our customers.


Oradel® Platform

Our proprietary oral delivery technology is brought to you through our Oradel® Platform. Our customers are offered extensive experience in the areas of modified release technology, multilayer coating and ion resin technology.

  • Oradel®-MC
  • Oradel®-XR
  • Oradel®-DR
  • Oradel®-EC
  • Oradel®-ION

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